External Links

In our efforts to help and encourage as many people as we can with the true A.A. message we have provided you with some links below. The listed sites are operated by similiar A.A. groups who share the primary purpose of staying sober and helping other alcoholics achieve sobriety.

A note from A.A. World Services about links:

Linking to other A.A. web sites will often have the positive effect of significantly broadening the scope of your site. Information contained on these sites becomes instantly available to those visiting your site. However, since each A.A. entity is autonomous and has its own group conscience, a site to which you have linked may start to display information which your group conscience finds objectionable; and there is no way to know when this might occur, or to prevent it from happening. Linking to non-A.A. sites is even more problematic. Not only are they much more likely to display non-A.A. and/or controversial material, but linking might imply endorsement, if not affiliation, regardless of the contents. In the final analysis, experience strongly suggests that, when considering linking to another site, one must proceed with caution.

Reprinted from AA Guidlines MG-18: Internet, Page 1 with permission of A.A. World Services, Inc.]