The fact that you are reading this right now, is no coincidence. Nothing, absolutely nothing is more effective at keeping us sober than being of service to others. And here are but a few opportunities.


Teleservice volunteers are responsible for answering the hotline during the hours that the Central Office is closed. You will be helping other members locate meetings and if needed, help the caller get connected with someone on the 12 Step List.

This opportunity requires a minimum of 6 months continuous sobriety.

12 Step List

Being a 12-Step worker means that your name and telephone number are on the Teleservice 12-Step Worker List of Volunteers. Teleservice and Central Office workers connect alcoholics in need with sober members of A.A. You may be called by Teleservice or the Central Office and be asked to call back a suffering alcoholic who wants help. Part of the 12-Step worker commitment may include: talking to, meeting with, and/or attending an AA meeting with the person in need.

This opportunity requires a minimum of 6 months continuous sobriety.


Share your experience strength and hope with others by being a speaker!

Public Information & Cooperation with the Professional Community (PI/CPC)

Public Information:

This service opportunity is critical in informing public organizations about the program of Alcoholics Anonymous by providing presentations and informational material.

This can include venues such as: high schools, DUI programs, health fairs, and other similar places.

Cooperation with the Professional Community

This portion of the service opportunity provides critical information to professionals who may have direct interactions with suffering alcoholics as part of their daily duties. It’s important that these professionals have correct information and a clear understanding of Alcoholism and the alcoholic, and that’s what this opportunity is all about.